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The course offered by Corona Institute is a complete hands on training session on vmware Virtualization and the curriculum is  mapped to the VMware VCP exam blueprint as well as Industry situations .

Course Duration :     Intensive Track: 5 working days ( 9 hour per day )     

Course Level        :      Intermediate to Expert

Time Slots             :    7.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Course fees           :   Rs.34,000 ( Thirty four Thousand five hundred Indian rupees )

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It is not an official vmware  training session and will not serve you towards the prerequisite of passing  VCP examination , from topic stand point , the session covers sessions much beyond a regular official session 

Please check the ” Why Us”  section of our website for more explanation on why this training session is  relevant to a network professional  seeking a better carrier .

We entered  the VMware Training segment as the leading vendor independent virtualization training organization in India, with more than 19  years of expertise in the training segment as well as network consultancy , we offer the best of hands on training and industrial exposure to our datacenter students . The session we are offering in VMware will be mapped to industrial scenarios of  all the major versions of vSphere up to 6.7  environment plus additional exposure to third party  tools and storage management solutions.  Apart from that we start from the very basics of SCSI management , RAID implementation ,NAS , NFS and SAN storage concepts  before we venture in to train you in Datacenter virtualisation.

With an ISO -9001-2008 certified facility in Network training , we ensure that you will be given a quality training that will be in par with international standards.

Course Details  :

Introduction to data center Virtualization . Quick introduction to Production servers , RAID controllers , SCSI,SAS devices , KVM and other data center Equipment and concepts . Remote Out of band Management technologies like iLO , DRAC and IMM .

Introduction to VMware  DCV  .Concepts of  type I and Type II Virtualization solutions ,  Discussion on various dimensions of virtualization . Planning of a virtual environment for legacy and new Datacenters . Discussion on selecting the best license plans based on the customer requirement .

Installing VMware ESXi to a Production server . Processor , memory ,network and Storage considerations of installing ESXi . Using VMware HCG as a tool while planning the installation .

Configuring ESXi  management network using DCUI , Enabling Local and Remote Shell . Accessing ESXi using Putty and WinSCP.  Rather than focusing only to the Newer version of ESXi , we make sure that you will basic exposure to the various generations of ESXi from 5.5 onward to 6.7 so that you will be comfortable dealing with an up gradation project . The main focus will be given to the latest generation products itself .

Installing vSphere Desktop Client software on a Windows Machine . Connecting  to the host using the VI client . Learn the basics of second dimension virtualization using this environment . Local user management , Roles , Permission and delegation of control .

Describe vCenter Server architecture.  Installing and Configuring vCenter Server . Setting up a windows based vCenter Server in an–SSO environment . Configuring and managing MS –SQL DB with a vCenter Server . Active Directory integration and permission management .  Adding hosts to vCenter using VI client .Enable and  configure lockdown mode .

Understanding Single sign on . Installing and configuring SSO , Web Client Server , Inventory Service and vCenter on a Windows Server . Installing and Configuring vCenter Server Appliance . Configuring SSO through VAMI  . Using web client to manage the virtual Data center

Creating and Managing Virtual machines. Identifying various virtual machine files . Determining the hardware versions and capabilities , Installing Guest Operating system to the VM using regular method , OVF template based installation  . Physical to Virtual Conversion using VMware Convertor and cold clone convertor . Create and deploy vAPPs .  Creating OVA files of Virtual machines. Clone , Template a VM . enabling Customization tools with cloning .  Creating and managing snapshots .

Understanding Virtual machine Networking . Standard vSwitch concepts . Creating a vSwitch . VMkernel and VMPortGroups , configuring various aspects including traffic shaping and load balancing . Creating Multiple vSwitch for management redundancy .Determining use case of standard vSwitches .Editing virtual machine network settings to change the virtual machine port groups . Creating and managing vNetwork Distributed switches . Advantages over standard switch .  Netflow , Port mirroring , Network IO control , traffic based load balancing . ESXi firewall

Planning and Configuring Storage in vSphere . Basic concepts of DAS , NAS , FC-SAN, iSCSI-SAN , Implementing a white box ISCSI Storage using Free NAS . Configuring iSCSI target and LUN extends . Configuring iSCSI initiators in ESXi , Creating VMFS3 and VMFS 5 Data stores , Upgrading VMFS3  to VMFS 5, extending a VMFS data store .

Establishing business continuity with third dimension features of Vsphere environment . Moving virtual machine from one host to another using cold migration , storage migration ,vMotion , Discussing and implementing business cases of vMotion and troubleshooting failed vMotion scenarios .Establishing Cluster and adding hosts to cluster. Removing Hosts from cluster .Host maintenance mode  .Enabling DRS cluster , Setting rules for affinity and anti affinity . DRS VM initial , Power on placement concepts . VM resource application using resource pools , hands on skills on limit , reservation and share .  Distributed Power Management .  Managing ESXi host auto power on for DPM using iLO.

Creating a High Availability cluster . Availability constrains , VM options for HA , operational details of HA , testing the VM failover . Business continuity using VMware FT . Installing and configuring a fault tolerant vSphere infrastructure .Design aspects and limitations of FT.

Creating and managing Storage cluster / Storage DRS . concepts of VAAI and  VASA . implementing VM DirectPath IO pass-through .

Concepts of Server SAN , VSA to vSAN . vSAN implementation considerations and hands on . Discussion on other serverSAN solutions like Nutanix

Backup Solutions VDR , VDP and basic implementations of Veeam Backup .

What’s New with vSphere 6.7. Installing ESXi 6.7 hypervisor .  Installing the VCSA , Upgrading the VCSA 6 and Windows vCenter to VCSA 6 .7 . VCSA High Availability with passive and witness .VCSA database backup .  Host client based management of ESXi hosts.  Flash based and HTML 5 based web clients .  VMware remote console 9.0 . upgrading VM hardware to current version . Creating storage policies