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Processor check for 64 bit compatibility

When it comes to vmware virtualization , there are confusions regarding the compatibility of running a 64 bit OS on top of your virtualization layer . The regular machine which accepts 64 Bit OS directly will be seen refusing to run the same 64 bit OS on top of your VMware Workstation , ESXi and Fusion products . As far as server virtualization is concerned it is handled by professionals and normally run on enterprise class server machines and we are not worried about the 64 bit guest OS compatibility of that systems . But for a a normal user who’s main interaction with vmware is through the workstation family of products , it will be a pain to try installing the workstation first , then try to install 64 bit guest OS only to find that it is not compatible .

So here is a small tool to test the host compatibly of running 64 bit guest OS .  It is a tiny 4 KB exe from vmware website  you can download it from the following link

I tried it on my 3 year old netbook from which I am keying in this post and the result was negative . But it is nice to know in advance , is it ?