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Top  Reasons why you should choose our Course

1. Does your Virtualization  session gives you exposure to industry grade server machines ?
By the process of virtualization , you are creating virtual machines to run your server workloads . But if you don’t have the exposure to real server hardware on which your hosts run , how you are going to manage it ? You have to have a sound knowledge in managing a physical server , setting up the RAID controller for various RAID levels , dealing with hot swappable power supplies , hard disks and even cooling fans . How about doing an iLO or IPMI to do a remote power on of a machine ? The training session from Corona Institute ensures that you will get enough exposure to server products and it makes a strong foundation towards your career as a data-centre / Virtualization administrator .

2.Who is going to install hypervisors for you in real time ?
As a virtualization admin , it is your duty to install your ESXi  hypervisors on your bare metal server. So make sure you choose a training session that will give you detailed hands on lab on the same rather than just connecting to a virtual lab across a continent where your hypervisors are pre installed . Make sure that you get enough hands on session on the physical servers than just doing your labs on a nested virtualization platform .

3.How much storage management concepts are discussed in your training session ?
One of the key requirement for most of the distributed service of virtualization is storage management . In big enterprises , there will be a a dedicated storage admin . Still you need to have a clear vision about all the storage related terminologies and its practical impacts when you design your virtual environment . At corona institute , we will make sure that enough storage management concepts as well as practical implementation are covered before you proceed to create data stores in your virtual environment . We have lab session for creating a NAS box and iSCSI target using open source products and we are starting from spindle level details to LUN creation to ensure that you get that big picture about your storage box . That saves you extra cost on a dedicated storage management training also . Just find below a testimony from one of our student from his Facebook timeline which says it all

4.Will the virtual machine creation procedure in the labs maps to the real world scenarios ?
If you are planning for a virtualization for your datacenter , most probably you have a physical server infrastructure in place with lot of productions servers running for years . So it does not make much sense to sticking on the trivial new virtual machine creation procedure as the only method. You have to do a Physical to virtual migration , Virtual to Virtual migration , cold clone migration procedures and virtual appliance deployment procedure to complete the picture . Our industry mapped curricula ensures that what you are going to face in a real scenario of physical to virtual data center transition will be covered for you . for example , how will you do a physical to virtual migration of a physical server which does not have support for TCP/IP and uses IPX/SPX ?

5.Does your Training package care about older versions of the virtualization solution ? does it offer updating to new versions ?
Networking segment is often compared with truck market. Unlike a car market where the user will purchase the latest products , the truck buyer will keep himself away from the new launches and will stick on to older but faithful products.
There are still environments running the older generation of virtualization suites like VMware ESX 5.x and a majority of implementations still run 6.X.

We make sure that you will have enough exposure to the legacy products in virtualization also so that you can deal with it when one of your client has such facility

Hope we expressed ourself clear. Rather than a power point slide show , our industry expertise trainer will impart  relevant material to convert yourself to a total virtual datacenter professional than just preparing for you for an y exam .

                 So       Get Qualified , then get certified .